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Whilst labels can be a small component of the chemical packaging solution, they are one of the most important means of communicating vital information. Chemical labels not only make the product stand out from its competition but can also make the whole experience much safer as the label carries information about the products risks, storage instructions and usage guidelines. Under the new Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) introduced by the United Nations and the Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) legislation introduced throughout the EU to comply with these rules, chemical labels should have pictograms, signal words, hazard statements, precautionary statement and pictograms, product identifier and supplier information.

Chemical labels are frequently printed digitally as manufacturers and distributors engage with just-in-time purchasing, private label supply and multi designs of small run product batches. At Insignia Labels, we have a range of adhesive label solutions to meet the needs of the chemical industry.

It is easy to forget that labels are powerful things and that the label often attracts the consumer to buy a product. These special labels offer unlimited possibilities for making a statement that is noticed every time. Photographic quality graphics and text makes a very elegant sophisticated statement about your product and organisation and adds a new element to design and enhances your brand integrity.

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